Monday, November 16, 2009

Warm Pool

We went swimming at the warm pool again a few weeks ago. We hadn't been for a while, and then they closed for a few weeks for maintenance and football games.Holly loved the water as much as ever. I dunked her under as I always do, she wipes her eyes but doesn't mind it. Its good to do for when she learns to swim.Tanta Kat was with us this week, which was great. We were able to fit a trip to the pool in just a week before she was leaving, it was one of the only things we hadn't taken her too yet.If it wasn't for Tanta Kat I wouldn't have been able to get such great pictures of us in the pool, I only ever get them on the days when we have visitors.It was amazing that we ran into Michelle and Josette. They are our friends from Music class, and actually live in the neighborhood only a few blocks away from us.Other then them I didn't know anyone there, it had been so long since we attended that I didn't recognize any of the other babies, there were so many little ones.Kat was so excited to be in the water with us, she wanted to toss Holly back and forth between us. We weren't quite ready for that, but we did swing her around.and passed her back and forth. She would shout with glee, so excited, splashing, kicking, even floating around as we sang songs and played in the water.I think we will be going back again this week. 3:30 is hard, especially if we are doing something else that day, but I think she misses her pool time, now that the weather is getting cool, the warm pool is really nice.


Anonymous said...

OH what fun! That last picture is a beautiful one of you Vicki and Holly!
love, Granny

joeld42 said...

Awww.. she's so happy in the water. I'm so glad it's indoors so she'll get a chance to go even with the cold weather.