Thursday, November 5, 2009

Out on the Town with Sarah

We met with Sarah to the Albany Library for the Afternoon Sing a Long. This has become and almost weekly event for us. It is pretty similar to music class, but much less structured.The teacher is a riot, she sings all kinds of fun songs, most I have never heard of before, very folksy, often themed for whats going on, like Halloween or the fall harvest.Today was the first day in a long time that it has been cold enough for Holly to wear long sleeves. This is an outfit that her Oma bought for her when we were in NY, this is her first time wearing it.This little girl was so friendly and kept bringing me toys and sitting with me and Holly. Holly was napping in the car when we arrived and I had to wake her to go into class. She didn't want to wake up, but she did, and she was cheerful but sleepy. She sat in my lap and cuddled.It was kind of nice for a change, her actually sitting with me while we were singing the songs rather then running circles around the room. Sarah kept running up to us, handing Holly toys and trying to coax her to play.Once she jumped up and got a tambourine and then ran back to my lap. Later the little boy with the push car "stroller" came in. Somehow she saw it and got up to run and sit in it, in the back of the room and watch and listen.Another child pushed her around and she was happy. Just as things were dying down she got her energy back and started to run all around. We stayed for a while trying to figure out something to do, normally we might go to the park.But sadly, as warm as it still may be, winter is upon us and by 5:30 it is dusk and getting dark, and not really park weather, so we decided to shop. We went to the Pet store, that Sarah frequents to look at the animals.We did the whole "tour" Sarah showed us the parakeets, mice, gerbils, fishes, and little turtles. Holly played smooshy face with a gerbil and he touched his not to the glass, it was so very cute. She loved standing in the back of the cart with Sarah.We had arrived early so she had already run around the whole store a few times, then she would hold either side of the cart and do her happy dance. She got to move and squirm and jump, but still be contained. It was great.After we joined Sarah at Trader Joe's, We picked up some apples, bananas, and Strawberries which we sampled while we shopped, and a few other odds and ends. Then Holly got her first Trader Joe's Balloon as we left, she loved her Balloon.


Anonymous said...

Holly looks adorable in her new jumper! Looks like a really fun day.It's a fun switch for Holly to be the quiet one and Sarah to be the one running around! I used to take my kids to the pet was a fun thing to do.
Love, Granny

CarolineThomas said...

Even shopping is fun! So cool that she got a balloon. I love Hollys outfit too, very toasty looking :)