Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Music Class

We are loving Music Class these days, it is so much fun. In these pictures Tanta Kat is with us, which makes it even more fun for Mommy, as Tanta Kat can do all the super active stuff.Here are Mira and Griffin, some of our friends from music class, and Kim our teacher playing Guitar. Her son William has been fussy of late while she play guitar.Like Holly and many of the other babies, he wants to either help her play or sit in her lap when she plays, making it very difficult. So she has instituted a new William Snack time, to keep him busy.I have the same policy, as it gets old having to jump up about 20 times in three songs to keep Holly from trying to play with the Guitar, if I give her her snack, it gives me at least 1-2 songs of peace.Here are all of the kids swarming around the shakers, unfortunately Holly has learned to throw them, so I prefer it when we have instruments to play with instead.Here is Tanta Kat dancing with Holly and tossing her up and down and all around. They are having a blast together.With Tanta Kat looking over her Holly is too distracted to throw the shakers, which is nice. Now I have to try and discipline her. I tell her now and say shake shake shake, but then she puts them on her head and "drops" them.Chloe on the other hand is a shaker hoarder. She is so cute she runs and gets a hand full brings them to her Mommy and then runs off to get some more.Eventually she will sit in her Mommy's lap and play with all the shakers she has collected, until Clean up time that is. I think Holly is teaching Chloe bad habits again, it goes both ways. I caught Chloe in the act of throwing a shaker here, she is using Holly's signature "drop" it move.In the back of the room there are windows to a courtyard and in the courtyard are kids in the pre-school playing. The Music class babies love watching the big kids outside.Here Holly is on Tanta Kat's lap she is singing a clapping song. Or maybe its the end of a song, she has learned that at the end of a song we clap and say "Yeah"I thought this was so cute! She is half way in between a jump and a squat. She is starting to dance all the time, she has this happy dance she does that is like running in place.She has started to bend her knees and bounce a little bit on them, and also take large marching steps. Its great seeing her learn how to make all kinds of new movements.Here are William and his mommy Kim, our teacher. Singing a song. These pictures are from before day light savings time, so when Music class ended it wasn't dark outside yet.The weather was still nice so we headed to the park afterwards. I think Holly is so cute in her little overalls, especially with the pink top which makes them just girly enough.We went down the slides, swung on the swings and sat at the fun table in the play house. Sadly now that it gets dark at 5:30, we haven't been to the park for a while.

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