Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

I spent all day thinking about this post. I was really unmotivated because all of my pictures were from 2009, and I wanted to start the New Year with New Pictures. I also haven't decided the future of this blog yet.Last year it was my New Years resolution to post every single day of 2009, and I have accomplished this, in fact lots of days I even posted twice. Now I am not sure at what frequency I should blog in 2010.The problem is I love photography and taking pictures, some days I take hundreds of pictures of Holly, We wake in the morning go to the park, had Music class in the afternoon, and then might even go to a play date after that.With 3 different events planned, I have three different things to chronicle and write about, so what ends up happening is it turns into 2010 and I have 14 folder's of Pictures from events in California, dating back to Thanksgiving, and another 21 since we came to Florida.That's 35 things I haven't posted about, and each of these folder's have anywhere from 15-200 pictures in them. I love going through and picking the ones I like the best to post and share with friends and family, otherwise they might never see them.But then the act of blogging sometimes feels like a weight, not that I don't love doing it, but because I feel like I am behind, I can never catch up and post about everything. Sometimes I try, but I never really catch up.Posting less won't help with this matter but maybe it will break the cycle or the addiction, But I rather love my blog, I love going through the pictures, picking them out and writing about them. Maybe I should just post more wordless entries. Then I could do a few a day until I only had like 5-10 folders in the "queue"The other issue, is sometimes I feel like I am in narrative rut, I simply write descriptions of what you can plainly see in the photo, I wish I was more philosophical, but then you would just be reading a bunch of ramblings like today's post.Perhaps I will leave things as they are, and at some point I will just get to busy and I will let it go naturally without obsessing over it. Sometimes I get into a a good stride and I might write a few posts in a row and schedule them ahead so I can take a break for the next day.Does that defeat the purpose of resolving to post every day, if I didn't actually write on that day? I guess it depends on the goal of the resolution. Speaking of which, I haven't really thought of any for 2010 yet. I kind of take a while to decide on what I want to do.I think the other thing, is sometimes I take it very personal when i spend time writing in my blog, as if it is my way of communicating with friends and family on a daily basis, but then no one reads it. Of course I know some people read and comment on here all the time.But other's tend to look at the pictures and miss what I have written. I realize I shouldn't take it so personally, I am not sure why I am so sensitive about it, why it is important, I write for myself, for Holly, but also for the grandparents and relatives, so the question is who do I truly write for?I guess before I end today;s New Year's Day post I will comment of the photos, they are each from Today. Up To Date Pictures, Janelle and the kids came back from there trip to California and came over for our 5th? Christmas. Holly loves the dogs, she is really going to miss them when we go home. You can see her new haircut in these pictures, isn't she such a big girl!


Umma said...

Holly is adorable, it's easy to get caught up in the pictures :-)

Blogging really can be a chore sometimes. I started blogging for Monkey and after the diagnosis I was blogging to increase awareness *and* for Monkey. I feel guilty when I skip days. I feel overwhelmed when I get too far behind.

I think your idea of wordless posts is a great one...or you could just do an intro paragraph and post the pictures in a gallery style. I don't know if blogger allows it but I will put a little descriptive sentance as the title of the picture so when you hover over the pic you see the text. Another handy little shortcut for getting caught up!

Whatever you decide for frequency of posts, I look forward to continue to watch Holly grow and develop!

Anonymous said...

I love the new haircut! I missed this post until today (Wednesday) somehow!
If it's not fun, don't do it! That's my motto! Blog when it's fun, Wordless Wednesdays everyday when it's not! Whatever!
It is ABSOLUTELY my favorite email EVERY DAY! And my favorite ones to read are your more meditative ones, especially reacting to books you've been reading about motherhood, etc.
Love, Granny

aarmlin said...

Hi! I looked for your profile so I could send you a message but I cannot find it. I have a 2 year old son with Fragile X and I just started a blog. Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I subscribed to your updates. My email address is if you would like to chat.