Sunday, January 10, 2010

Music Class

We signed up for music class again this session, in hind sight maybe we should have taken a break though. The first class was last week while we were still in Florida.This Tuesday I am going to try and make it, but I am spending the day in San Jose on a WASC Site Visit. This is the last of my professional duties, it's only been like 15 months since I quit my job.I had agreed to continue to do WASC for an additional 10 months and finish off my term, but then the term was extended through the summer, and then an old denial came up for re approval.So they asked me back to do the new review, and then that institution needed a site visit and since I was the one most familiar with the proposals, they asked me to step in and do it.So on Tuesday I will be at the school all day working on the review, and then over the next few weeks I will have to write a report, and then hopefully I will be completely finished.Though, I suppose it allows me to extend my work history over a year after I stopped working, as it is professional development, and that will help one day when I decide to go back to work.So the Visit is scheduled to end at 3:00 and if I can drive back to Berkeley and then pick up Holly in time we will be able to make it, even if just a few minutes late. But otherwise, we will miss a second class.So that leaves us down to only 6 of our 8 sessions, and if we are going to be signing up for Gymnastics this month, it is a lot of activities on our plate. But Holly does really love Music class too.While we were in Florida she was playing with drums and piano's and all other sorts of musical instruments, so I do want to keep taking her, she likes it so much.We are back in California now, and are settling in. As you can see it has been a few days since I have written, once you miss a day it is easy to not obsess about missing another day.Last week Joel was in California while I was in Florida with Holly and she was waking up in the morning at like 7:30 AM and then during her nap we had errands and other things to do.And then by 10:00 when she was ready for bed, I was also exhausted, so I just went to bed with her. So I never had any time keep the blog up to date, then I had to pack, and then we flew, and traveled. ect.I have a ton of pictures from the trip I will be posting as the weeks come by, and still more posts from before Christmas, I will keep them coming, as I can, I do enjoy writing.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Tanta Kat could take Holly to music class while you do your work thing?
Sounds like you are getting back in the groove after a great vacation!
Cute pictures. It's clear that she loves music class!
love, Granny