Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet-up Holiday Party

Here is my little reindeer girl all dressed up for the Holiday Party.It is amazing she finally fits into the little Holly outfit, it was a hand-me down gift from our neighbor Lawrence.When his girls were small, they gave it to us when Holly was only a few months old, and now she is wearing it!It's Araliya so adorably cute, she has such a sweet pouty look on her face that is simply precious.Here are Eric, Katherine and Chloe, who sat with us at our table. The Meet-up party was at this Chinese Restaurant.Looking back, I didn't get a lot of good pictures of anyone, it was dark so the ones I got didn't come out great, and there were so many people there, like 90 something.But everyone was sitting at there tables and eating, I have a few group shots of the kids on the floor playing, but I don't know who have the kids are in them.We had a fun time though, enjoyed talking to the families at our table, and seeing everyone in one big space. Hopefully next year we will get a chance to mingle more. The food was great! it was also fun for me and Holly to get to dress up.

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Anonymous said...

Holly looks so cute in that Christmas outfit! I remember seeing it when she was a baby!
The photos of Holly are great, nothing else matters!
love Granny!