Monday, January 18, 2010

Chloe's Climber!

We sadly missed our play date with Chloe today, Holly was sick yesterday and up till almost 1 AM which through off our whole day today. so I decided to reminisce and post some pre-holiday pictures and video's I haven't shared yet.I love this climber and it is so fun to have it inside where there is a soft carpet underneath and it is warm, but I swear I have a heart attack every time she sits near that top edge.She loves the slide though, and is pretty aware of her surroundings. Chloe has learned she can get onto her stomach and go down the far side, she finds the rope ladder and climbs down.Last week Kat was trying to teach them how to climb up from that side on the rope latter, but there arms and legs aren't quite strong enough yet. Holly can go up and down the climbing wall side though.Isn't Tristan such a cutie, I was sad to miss seeing him today, It has been about 6 weeks and I bet he looks all grown up now, I am hoping they will come to another play date over the next few weeks.Its funny, Chloe climbs on this so much that she stands at the edge looking over, and seemingly teeters there, but Katherine isn't bothered, well because she has done it about 10,000 times and she knows she won't fall.I'm just not there yet. Did I mention there is a carpet and a pillow on the floor. Last week Sarah fell. I about died. She has some heft to her and she wasn't paying attention and she plopped down to sit at the top.But there was so much force to it that she kept going backwards right off the side, luckily Katherine was standing right there and sort of caught her head and then her legs flung over and she did this guided land / fall and was as good as new, ran to climb right back up the slide.Not even a blink. its amazing. I really like Chloe's tent too. I am eager to redo Holly's room, I am hoping that I can find room for the tent in her room, I think she would really like a secret hide out.Its amazing how nicely the girls play together, climbing on top of each other sharing toys without a fuss, you can tell they are good friends, and they were so excited to see each other after the holiday.Here Chloe is giving Holly a hug. Last week she was doing this again, Kat got some good pictures, which I hope to post in the next week or two. Poor Tristan, the only boy.Though he doesn't seem to mind one bit. I also like that the girls climb into the secret hid out underneith the climber. Katherine reports that Chloe never goes under there, except to follow Holly.Holly is climbing onto couches all the time now. I think her hair is so cute here, this reminds me of how much I cut off, even though it didn't seem like a lot. The problem was, she would get sweaty when she played. Then her hair simply didn't look this cute anymore, even if I brushed it. Now that it is shorter, it doesn't look as Messy when she has been playing hard, and it is starting to grow out some.Joel likes that her hair is out of her eyes and not in her face, but the thing is, I am not sure if I want her to keep bangs, I kind of want to let it grown out, but then it has to get past the annoying length.Really I need to practice using head bands, pony tails and barrettes so that I can pull it back while it is growing out. I'm not sure if I will like it like that, but I'd like to give it a try.I love this little dino ricking animal, its nice because it is so close t the ground, she can actually climb onto it and rock on it. She has a rocking horse that's down stairs right now, but it is like twice her size still.Its so cute how all the kids gravitate to these buckets and wear them like hats, Holly is totally into the hat thing, not so much when it is like fitted or knitted, but when it is a bucket, she's all about it.Here is a Video of Holly climbing up the slide and then going back down. She is going down without mommy's hand now which is great!

This Video is of the two girls trying to put a little paper into the ball popper You can see how nicely they play together, and how talkative Chloe is, and imagine this was 6 weeks ago, I think her vocab has increased ten fold since we got back.

I guess they just aren't babies any more, I look at them, and there baby faces are gone, they are toddlers, little girls, looking all grown up!

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Anonymous said...

What cute pictures! The last one of Chloe is so pretty. You are right, they are looking very grown up these days!
Love, Granny