Thursday, January 14, 2010

Randon Thoughts Thursday

Here are some Random Pre-Florida Pictures from around the house. The first one is blurry, but it was so cute, Holly got stuck in her Stuffed Animal Bin. She climbs in there on her way onto the entertainment center. I had told her know, and she slyly pretended not to be climbing, and started to sink and got stuck1 Little Weasle.These are from shopping at Walgreen's I forgot what we were there for but we ended up shopping for Reindeer head bands and Christmas hats. I think I had to pick up a last minute prescription,Or perhaps it was half and half for Joel, but Holly loves going into the store for me, she is such a trooper, she likes to run around, but sometimes she even asks to sit in the wagon and be pushed around. She likes the "Ride"I am sick this week, I think I have a low grade flu, I am tired and achy and super stuffy, and even though I am going to bed with Holly I am having trouble sleeping, so I am tired when I wake up. I also had a really busy week.It seems that I had like 8 tickets when I returned from Florida. 3 of them were for Street Sweeping, and there were 5 of them for having expired tags on my car. I paid for the registration in October, but forgot it needed to be smog checked.I had to find a police officer to sign those 5 tickets, 3 of them one day after the next, to make it a correctable offence, so they were only 10$ a piece. I went to the police station and was told there was no one there to sign, and it was a courtesy, I tried to complain about the tickets and they told me I should be happy my car wasn't towed.I ended up seeing a police car driving and made a u-turn to follow him then went down the side road and realized I was in the back fenced hidden parking lot for the station, but he was already inside the fence, so I sat there for like 20 minutes stalking the parking lot waiting for someone to come, that wasn't an unmarked car and then jumped out while they were going through the gate and asked for them to help me.The officer who signed them all thought it was very excessive, but it was actually 5 different people who ticketed me, so I suppose I should feel safe that my neighborhood has so many patrolling cars going by. But really, its the car I never drive, so it is really annoying, and I had already spent like 30 minutes looking for a cop and it has no car seat, so I had to do all this on a day when Kat was babysitting for me, but alas, its off my list, all tickets paid or in the mail, and signed off on!I just have to share about that picture above of the dog. it was sitting in the car next to us when we left Walgreen's, and yet its hair was up in a ponytail, and yes the pony tail and the tail were really both dyed bright hot pink. If I just told you about the dog you would have never believed me, so I had to include a picture. These were from a few days before our trip, our last PT visit with Sally, over lapping with our new PT Kristin, who brought this little get up from the car for holly to try on. it is not the perfect fit for her, but it was close, she happen to have it from another patient that day, and it does similar stuff to what the kineseo tape does that Sally had used on Holly in the past, but because this was a whole outfit fitted on with Velcro, it was much less invasive, she fussed when we put it on, but once it was on she was happy with it, and it seemed to help bring back her shoulders.

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Anonymous said...

You followed a policeman!!!! Girl! You have so much nerve! I love it! And the doggie was so over the top, you are right a picture was needed!
Holly looks so adorable! And I'd cry too if someone put that velcro thing on me!
I hope you feel better soon!
love, Granny