Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Golden Gate Park

Here is Holly playing at Golden Gate Park. It is one of our favorite parks in the Bay Area.We don;t get to go there nearly as often as we would like, but stopping in after a day of site seeing makes for the perfect end of the day.The kids all had a wonderful time playing. Holly was excited to play in the sad, we brought this bucket with us from the car.She also had a lot of fun climbing around on the structure, stopping for a few moments to eat a snack.It was a cool day, but she enjoyed the weather, it was late evening so we didn't have that long to play before it got dark.This was a little picnic area but the kids mostly use it for sand play and climbing. Holly tends to still bump her head on the table so I prefer not to let her near there.We had a fun time with the time we had, and when it got dark we headed home. We hope once the rains stop to make it back out there soon.

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Anonymous said...

You and Holly are the Bay ARea Park Experts! I really do think you should write a book about parks!
I look forward to visiting some parks with Holly in March!
Love, Granny