Saturday, January 23, 2010


Peek-a-Boo -- where are you? This is a classic Egg Chair, just the right size for a mini me, and she really loves it, climbs right in and hides under the curtain. Sadly its almost 80$This is a cool slide, it is very nice made all of wood, the side has a ladder like slat you use to climb up which Holly hasn't yet mastered but she loves to slide down if I help her up.I would consider getting this chair for her if she didn't already have an easy chair, and 4 table chairs in her size and we had more room, it would really match the decor in Tanta Kat's apartment though.I'm not sure if she likes it because of the shape of the chair, or because she can hide in it once she has climbed inside, or perhaps its just the game of it. Maybe the privacy? I plan on putting up a tent for her.We have one about the size of this, that's part of a play set with some crawling tubes, it will give her a place to go and play for "Kids Only" It will be fun when she is older and can tell me why she likes something or what about it she likes.This is the tent Chloe has at her house. its amazing that this is only 10$ some things at Ikea are so reasonably priced while other's are just much more then I would consider paying for the item.We are here for a play date, Ikea is great like that, you are out of the heat, or cold, or rain, there is a large space for the little ones to run around, food to eat and snack on, and all kinds of fun toys to try out.Here is Satine, we haven;t seen her yet since we are back from Florida, I am really looking forward to seeing how much she has changed.Holly also really liked this rocking chair, though I don't recall the price, I think it was also on the pricey side. Another chair, another gimmick, she loved rocking back and forth.Here she is at the play kitchen, the one they sell is pretty amazing, very much like the real kitchens they design and sell just in miniature, and like the real kitchen each section (and there are 4) are priced separately.It seems like a deal at first but when you add them all up, not so much any more. We love our kitchen, but Aesthetically speaking I think the all wood one looks a little nicer.Here are the girls crawling back and forth between the tubes. We were talking with our new PT who said this is a wonderful activity for Holly it helps strengthen her arm muscles and flatten out her rounded back.We also decided to try out all of the toddler beds, since we have been thinking about the transition, it definitely helps me to see what features I like or have unexpected consequences.The one with the built in rail actually put Holly in many more risky situations as she tried to climb and flip over it, versus the one without she just sat and laid on.I love this set up, I wish she was old enough for this. Though she couldn't climb up on her own, I set her on the bed and she loved crawling and rolling around under the tent.The loft area underneath made for a great play space, and since her room is so small something like this is ideal, we could even put her little table under here or her cubbies for books and toys.Ikea is great for the little things they have, you think aww this is so cute and its only 2.99 I just have to get it for that price, and next thing you know, you have picked up 15 items with just that sentiment.In this case I took a picture of both girls very cute in the birthday Cake hat and then put it back down. that didn't stop me from buying the duck hat and mask, but that's another story.Oh look, they seem to sell holly's here at Ikea too, they have everything, or at least you would think that when you see this little monkey climbing up on pallets ans shelving.Its yet another chair, this one was in one of the demo rooms, in which we played for a long time. I am not a fan of the wicker, and since it didn't have any tricks up its sleeve she lost interest after a short rest.I like this bed a lot. It comes in Blue and Pink, she seems to like the blue better, that matches her wall color better too, but I can;t imagine me trying to lay down next to her in this little bed.So I think until she is actually going to bed and falling asleep on her own, without a bottle, A mattress on the floor will work just fine, and maybe by that time she can even pick out what bed she wants.Holly really likes playing at Ikea, she is into exploring and running around and getting into things, and while there is a lot to get into, there isn't a lot she can damage or hurt herself with.What a cutie! All the girls were having a blast, being there with friends is wonderful because they can chase each other around and play together, I think that way they don't run off and cause too much trouble.Holly is full of mischief though and little miss Chloe would follow right along, both of them teaching each other bad habits, climbing and crawling in new and unexpected places all the time.Satine I think might be a tad bit shy, she sticks closer to her Mommy and doesn't venture out to far, a good trait considering my child takes off running without a second glance (Well she does eventually look back, but not for a long time)I sometimes wonder, if I didn't follow her and she didn't see me behind her if she would come looking and keep on going. But of course I would never let her out of my sight to find the answer to that.She has an amazing sense of direction though and can navigate through shelves and stores with impeccable accuracy somehow remembering exactly where she wants to go even if it has been weeks since she was last there.See that little finger, someone is playing Peek-a-Boo again, she found a way to close the cabinet door without smashing her fingers on the side, she was so proud of herself.I truly think she climbed in and out and hid in there about 300 times, and I am not joking, some thinks never seem to bore her, perhaps she was practicing her new door closing skill.


ikea coupons said...

She's adorable! My nephew and niece also have a fun time with the children furniture.

Anonymous said...

That picture of the finger sticking out of the hole is hilarious! I laughed myself silly! This blog could be a chair commercial for Ikea! Holly could get a job demo-ing for them! Looks like so much fun!
love, Granny