Friday, January 15, 2010

Making an Ornament

Before the Holiday, we went to a really fun play date at Melanie and Eliana's house where Mommy got to do fun crafts and make a cool Christmas Tree Ornament.Holly had so much fun playing with all of Eliana's toys, but did help me out for a few moments by letting me make a trace of her little tiny hand.I used glitter glue to decorate and made a little bit of a collage on one side with iconic Christmas decorations from some wrapping paper. I can't believe her hand is so big already.The other side is a picture of her in a little frame, its a green paper with a "Holly" pattern, very festive, the picture is from her first Christmas, so she is so little there.We had a lot of fun hanging out with the mom's and other kids, and since we have been over a few times I didn't have to watch her like a hawk, so I had a chance to work on the project and chat, which was really nice.

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Anonymous said...

What fun you have with your mom's groups! The ornament is really cute. Those are the ones I treasure, that my kids made.
Love, Granny