Monday, January 25, 2010

The Beach

Here are a few more pictures from our Thanksgiving Week Trip to Monterrey. I put off posting these because the folder has like 250 images I had to sort through, I ended up deciding not to post every amazing and striking picture of the ocean that I had and stick to the ones of Holly.On This particular day we were hiking on a trail Holly loved the ocean Breeze.The view was spectacular, and air was so clear, I forget how much I like the ocean.Down below from the pathway were several tide pools and a path that actually went down to the water, it was steep though, and Holly and I didn't venture down.Joel was a little nervous letting Holly walk the path on her own, it would have been pretty easy for her to tumble down the the cliff, so he carried her.He was a little nervous himself, but we took it slow and had a great walk.In another "safer" area we let Holly explore. She was intrigued with the rocks, large and small.I even let her "taste" it, I am sure they were salty, and she was curious, at this age they want to explore will all their senses.I did make sure that she kept the small pebbles out of her mouth.The weather was amazing, our visiting relatives were cold in the wind, but we were warm in the sun.Holly found everything interesting, even the dried sea weed on the shore. She especially liked to climb on the rocks.I let her take her shoes off, even though the terrain was rough, going barefoot helped her keep her balance and footing more solidly.I love the crashing waves, I think I could have sat out there all afternoon just listening to the waves in the distance.Here is a little video of Holly climbing on a picnic table near the mouth of the trail.
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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place! The first photo especially is so beautiful, of Holly with the wind and the water. Looks like lots of fun!I like the video too. I like hearing her voice on it.I'm missing her so!
love, Granny