Wednesday, January 27, 2010


SO I have finally caught up to Florida and Holiday pictures But I promised I would also post new pictures.But before those come here are pictures from our Airplane trip to Florida. Isn't Holly so cute with her carry on backpack!I was a little worried about flying alone with her all the way to Florida, but she did really good. She was awake an hour, but then slept the last 4 or the first leg.I was really uncomfortable though with her on my lap so I couldn't sleep, but I did watch two in flight movies.The bad part was having to change planes in Atlanta, we had to walk to the end of the terminal, up 3 escalators, and take a tram to another terminal.Then walk to the far end of that. I couldn't carry her and our stuff, so I had to wake her to walk, which meant she was awake the entire leg from Atlanta to Tampa.I did have my iPhone so she was pretty good on the Flight, though you couldn't use it the first and last 15 minutes each way.We were so excited to see Oma and Tanta Kat at the airport, she wasn't actually that tired and happy to be off the plane.She was excited to be in a new place, and we had a great ride home from the airport. She was a little overwhelmed by the dogs at first, but they became fast friends. We then napped for several hours and settled in.

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Anonymous said...

Oh she is so cute in her snowman jammies! She'll be like her granny, a gal who loves flying on airplanes!
Can't wait to fly to see her!
Love, Granny