Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Play Date @ Sadie Deys

Look at her stretching, almost hanging, up on her tippy tippy toes. I am hoping that when she goes to gymnastics she will learn how to actually hang on her own.She is trying, she is holding on, and I am happy of that, but she isn't really strong enough to hold her own weight yet, Chloe can do it, but she weights a lot less and didn't have the same arm and shoulder tone issues Holly had.We are spending the afternoon here at Sadie Dey's, Gabriel and Chloe have joined us for the play date. This is one of our favorite places to go, and with the dark early evenings and cold, it makes for the perfect meet-up.We are missing Gabriel and Khahn, they left in early December for a fun cruise, and then we left for a long visit to Florida, so it has been almost 6 weeks since we have gotten together, but I think we will see them next week.Here Holly is waiting at the bottom of the slide for Chloe to come down. The two of them like to climb all over each other, slide together, and they both prefer to climb up the slide rather then slide down.I love this little outfit she is wearing, it is hardly ever cold enough for her to wear it. The kittens with the leopard print reminds me of both my mom and my sister. It is a very cosy top, I think its made of a warm fleece.I love this picture, you get to see the whole outfit, and you get to see how tall she has grown, or at least how stretched out she is able to get now a days, we practice every day when I change her diaper, we do "Big Stretch"Here Chloe is living dangerous, hanging on the edge, just barely holding on, seeing if she can give us a heart attack before she takes a step back. Look at that smile, as if she knew the fear in my eye.My sweet one is sitting carefully on the step, she does plenty on a daily basis to make my heart skip a beat, but it is usually something she doesn't realize is dangerous or risky, She doesn't pay attention yet.But Sadie Dey's is better for other things, not just climbing. She likes the Puzzles and the Dolls and all the toys as well. Plus she loves the company of good friends, and good food.

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Anonymous said...

That is a cute outfit! Good for the weather this week!
I wondered if as you post this you are feeling homesick for Berkeley? It's been a long vacation in Florida, fun, but Berkeley is so special. And you have made such good friends through the Berkeley Moms groups, both for Holly and you!
Holly will LOVE Gymnastics class...I can tell!
Love, Granny