Friday, January 22, 2010

Last Music Class of 2009!

These are pictures from our last Music Class in 2009. We signed up again this year, and finally made it to class this week.We had to venture out in a torrential rainstorm to make it there, we were soaked before we got to the car from the house, and then sat in 45 minutes of traffic.But it was to see all these people again, it had been almost 6 weeks and we were so excited to get there, even if we were 30 minutes late and wet.Here is Josette and her Mommy Michelle, she is getting to be so big, she is such a laid back and easy going little girl.This is Evie, she is one of the older girls in the class. It is fun having a mix of ages together, I get to see how the older kids act differently in the same situations.
The kids go crazy over the instruments, they have so much fun playing with them. Here is a Video -

Little Miss Mira is such a social butterfly, and a delight to have in class, she is engaging without being too pushy and is always so smiley.Here is my little monster! This is not the best picture of here, it sorta makes me laugh, she is giving me a face because she wants to be let down NOW! So she can go play.Here is Johnny, he is great. Such a joker, very outgoing and friendly, its amazing how there personalities show through at such a young age, he is such a joker already.There are so many more kids in Music class, and new ones this new session too, there are ones who run around and others who stay close to Momma, and wow have some of the little ones grown, but you will see that in the pictures I post in a few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

They look like a really fun bunch of people! Worth the trouble of driving through the rain!
Holly will thank you later for supporting a love of music which will enrich her life so much!
You are a great mommie!
Love, Granny