Sunday, January 24, 2010

Babysitting Sarah

Just before we left California for the Christmas holiday we offered to Babysit Sarah for Isabel and Richard. We had really been looking forward to this, and had high hopes for the evening.We both had our Holiday Work Party's on the same night, Richard's was in Berkeley, Joel's was in San Francisco and we really didn't want to be that far away from Holly. The drive home from SF could be over an hour.So we decided to take Sarah so they could enjoy their party, and we had the best night, it was so much fun to have the two girls, like a little slumber party.Holly loved sharing her toys and playing with Sarah, and Sarah was so well behaved, she was entertained, happy and didn't get upset even once. Isabel reported giving her a "talk" on the way to our house, it worked!She helped Holly rearrange her toys, bringing this chair from Holly's room into the living room. She is really strong and very determined.Its wonderful how well they get along, at times they were playing next to each other, but there were other's when they were really playing and working together.Here is Sarah opening up the blocks and taking a sip of her milk. She is great with the sippy cup, no spills at all, and she likes her milk too.Here they are both happy doing there own thing, but I think enjoying the company, Sarah is drawing on Holly's Magna Doodle and Holly is playing with her house.Here they are playing together, both scheming to do puzzles and sit at the table together and play. look at that smile on Holly's face to have a friend over with her.Sarah was very curious about the puzzle and watched very intently as Holly took her turn and put all of the pieces in the right spot.Holly did get a tad jealous when I interfered and tried to "do" the puzzle and "prompt" Sarah, it was ok when she was showing it to her, but she didn't want to share Mommy.Here she is playing with my iPhone, I think I handed it to her so I could change Sarah's Diaper and she wouldn't get to jealous of my attention.After that we all had some dinner. Joel made us Sausage and Rice which i gave to both girls, Sarah ate well, Holly not so much. She also had some garden Veggies, Apple, Cheese, and finished her milk.I thought that Holly would use her Sippy Cup since she saw Sarah do it, but she didn't really. Holly also had some of my Sun Chips, she liked them.It was an eye opened trying to both feed myself and the two girls, though Sarah was pretty self sufficient, it was a glimpse of what having two would be like.This is Sarah's teddy bear, and her blanky. She was ok without them, but Holly got into her diaper bang and pulled them out. Once she saw them, she wanted to make sure Holly knew they were hers. The girls had a lot of fun playing in the ball pit. it wasn't Sarah's favorite activity, but she wanted to get in since she saw Holly in. Later both girls helped clean up the balls they threw out earlier.Here they are playing in Parallel and together. Both playing with the buckets, taking them apart, nesting them, stacking them. This is one of Holly's favorite toys, I think Sarah (Isabel) got it for her for her Birthday.They were playing together in the kitchen, Holly imitating Mommy and making an egg, she likes to hear the pan sizzle when it is on the burner.Here Holly is drinking from Mommy's bottle, she prefers it to her sippy cup, alas she wants whichever one I am drinking from, though I try and put water in the other.Here is Sarah drinking some more milk. She is really good at asking for what she wants and communicating. We were all having so much fun together.I think Sarah enjoyed herself too. Isabel and Richard both called a few times to check in and make sure all was good, they originally planned on staying from 6-8 but Sarah was doing so well and having so much fun I talked them into staying until 10:00.Bother girls were just settling down and getting ready for bed when they arrived. Holly is used to staying up till after 10, Sarah was getting tired at about a quarter till 10, I think her normal bedtime is 9 but she was having too much fun to lay down, so we sat and read and played. It was a great night.

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