Monday, January 11, 2010

Hanging with Sarah & Chloe

The week before we left for Florida we had a play date with Sarah and Chloe at Sadie Dey's. We were a little sad, because it would be our last chance to play with them both for over a month.Tomorrow we are going to a play date at Chloe's house and we are so super excited to see her. It has been a month, and I am sure she will look all grown up from the last time I saw her.It doesn't seem like it in most respects, but a month is a really long time. I was looking at Holly yesterday hanging out at the house, settling back in at home and she looked so grown up to me.Joel remarked that it must be because she was a whole month younger last tie she was at home and playing with her toys, so when in Florida I didn't notice the difference, but back in the old environment, I do.She was actually taking her pan and putting it on the burner in her kitchen and put peas and an egg in it and then gave it to Tanta Kat to eat after she was done cooking it.I can;t wait for her to see Katie tomorrow for Therapy. She can do so many more things, she has learned new signs, Kat taught her how to sign Kat, and we are working on the sign for Dog which she imitates.I am just not sure she connects the sign with the animal yet. She can do a really advance puzzle that she got for Christmas, and she is naming several face and body parts.It will be fun to see how she reacts to seeing Katie, if she missed her, recognizes her, and if she will show off her new skills. I am also looking forward to the next few weeks as we go back to our old haunts.I think we plan on heading to Sadie Dey's on Thursday, and maybe Studio Grow Next week, and Super Franks in a few weeks, so it will be fun to see her do new things, I bet she will do the jumpy slide at Super Franks on her own now.She has been to the Bouncy Houses at Pump It Up in Florida several times so she is really getting good at jumping, which Katie will be excited about. I wish we were seeing Sally so she could see too.I am not sure if Kristin the new PT will appreciate it as much, since she hasn't been spending months working on it with her. But I am sure she will think its great. We see her on Wednesday.Kat hasn't met her yet, so she will be able to then. I am also nervous about our new Speech Therapist. No one has contacted me yet about someone new, and I hope we like whoever we get.I have been leaving messages and trying to arrange it without much luck, so now that I am here I will be more aggressive this week, and hopefully see someone by the end of the week.Later this month I am also going to a Preschool Fair, and will be looking at a lot of preschools and see whats out there and start thinking about my options, as soon she will need to really start going to one.Tomorrow we are also going to see my Doctor for a Consultation and a referral to the Fertility Specialist so we can get the ball rolling on the IVF-PGD I am not sure when it will all start, but it will be in the next few months I think.Have I mentioned I am looking for an iPod Touch for Holly? My iPhone is always acting up, I think it is because she opens and closes the apps super fast and without regard and the software gets tired and buggy.So If she had her own, I could just let her have at it and not ever worry about it breaking or dropping, or having to constantly clean it as she makes the case all grubby.I am also starting to make plans for her Birthday Party. I am debating between Sadie Dey's, Studio Grow, and Home. They have a great deal going on at Studio Grow for unlimited guests.So I have to price out what it would cost at Sadie Dey's by comparison, and then decide if I do indeed want to have it somewhere versus having it at home. At home our guest list would be much more limited.At Studio Grow, we could invite a ton of people, all of her friends, plus a ton of other kids that we know from music class a meet up, that are more acquaintances, because the space is so big and there is no limit.I am going to be so busy the next few weeks, now that I am back home, there is so much I need to catch up on. I have had a head ache for the last two days, super painful, and I am starting to wonder if perhaps it is not from the uncomfortable plane ride.But the stress of all I have to do. While we were away Joel's computer broke, and our toilet got worse, there is just a lot of stuff to do. But I just need to take it one thing at a time and criss cross each thing off my list.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to hearing about Holly and Chloe's reunion! They will so happy to see each other again.
Sounds like you are happy to be home, and harrassed...getting back into the lists and appointments, etc.!
It sure was great seeing you! And I look forward to March.
Love, Granny

joeld42 said...

Yay! I bet Holly can't wait to see Chloe again. I showed here the xmas card from Katherine and Eric and she was really excited to see Chloe's picture.