Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend Visit to Studio Grow

There was this little fair at Studio Grow before Christmas with some vendors. It included discount admission on a Saturday morning, and there were neat things for sale. BTW - We are thinking of Having Holly's Birthday Party here - But still researching options.So we headed over to check it out, Daddy's first time officially at Studio Grow. It was very exciting to see him experience it with Holly as she played in each room.The vendor's had set up in Gym Room, so they moved the Ball Pit over to the block room, it was neat to see the reconfiguration. Joel loved watching Holly learning to climb in and out.She could practically do a head dive to get in and she reached over it and tried to get her leg over the side, it was so cute. With the back against the stage she could climb out on her own too.We had to keep a much closer eye on her compared to usual, as she could get into people's booths and it wasn't closed off or anything, and she really wanted to explore and look around.She had a lot of fun in the big dance room,playing with the Pom Pom's and the scarves. She also really liked the mirrors.This shirt is so cute. It says "mom's Little Angle" Joel dressed her up in this outfit, I think it is actually a really good color for her I think.Here the little goof ball is doing a little Dancy Dance. Since these pictures were taken she has learned to jump and bounce around a lot more and actually imitate some dance moves.She is so excited to have these Pom Pom's She plays so hard and is so active that she gets so sweaty, I think that's one reason her longer hair doesn't always look so pretty.With her hair cut, when she gets sweaty it still looks cute, because there isn't so much to brush back out of her face, but I think I want to grow it all out, so I have to convince her to wear a barrette.Here is Daddy playing with Holly and the Play Dough. I think it is home made, it was sort of sticky, especially when he used the perforated rolling pin on it.Here the two of them are playing with the blocks, though Holly likes climbing into them better then actually building anything with them, but that's ok, as long as she was having fun,We ended up running into Sophia and her Dad at Studio Grow, which was totally unplanned and unexpected, it was cool though to get to chat and play. It was funny though because we saw them again later at another afternoon playdate.Here are Daddy and Holly coloring. She is actually starting to color, she makes little marks and scribbles on the paper, not strait lines or circles yet, but we are practicing.We had a fun day. It was nice to go through these pictures and look back on the day, another reason I love writing in the blog. I wanted to thank everyone for there comments and support.I do feel like this is a legacy I am leaving for Holly to look back on one day, which will be really cool, and I also think this year I will be able to be more laid back about it, you may have already noticed I missed a day.I thought I scheduled it in advance, I had posted several pictures, but didn't write or schedule the posts, and being in Florida and Joel leaving, the day simply slipped by, in fact today almost did too.But now that one day is missed, the spell is broken and presumably it can happen again with out me feeling guilty or like I am letting myself down, I mean it wasn't my resolution this year to write every day.But it was good to know that I had some support out there, there were friends who had posted and commented that never normally would, and that gave me the ability to keep going and to let go a little, both which were really nice.

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