Thursday, November 7, 2013

Underwater Mermaids

 Man are these girls getting good at swimming they are like little fishes!  Here we are in the "Deep" pool over the summer for the Mommy and Me swim and Gym Session.  Holly can totally swim over here, but the pool as technically 42 inches Deep and she is 41.5 inches tall, so on her tippy toes or if she is hopping she will be fine, but for that reason she not only wants to swim with Mommy but she wants to wear the floating helper.  Still she does get in a lot of glide practice and even some floating between swimming about with her friends.  I got a lot of great under water pictures of everyone.  Olivia and Kiana are making great progress but they are doing daily summer swim lessons.  Even Danika is doing great, but she isn't ready to go all the way under just yet.

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Granny said...

I love those underwater shots!