Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bayfair Mall with Leelou and Chloe

For part of the summer Leelou and Chloe were taking late afternoon swim lessons in San Leandro.  This gave then an odd amount of time to kill after preschool before the lesson started, about two hours.  Since we hadn't seen a lot of Leelou and Chloe we decided to squeeze it what time we could a met them to play over at the Bayfair Mall.  They had just about two hours to play and eat lunch.  While the girls could always hang out longer, it was nice to have lunch with friends and let them play and see each other even if it was only for a little bit of time.  Luckily the play date ended earlier enough that I wasn;t stuck in an hour traffic heading home, so it was just the perfect fit.  i even got to do some shopping at old navy and Target.  The kids are getting a little old for the play area, but we don;t go often so its novel for Holly still.  Its interesting though seeing how there play has evolved in different places over the years as they get older.  now there time is filled with hide and Seek or Monster Chasing games, where before it was all about concentrating simply on climbing to the top or going down the slide.

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