Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Chloe - 6/7

This was Chloe's amazing Birthday Party.  I held these pictures Hostage because I thought I had video to go along with them (And I took about 300 pics I had to whiddle down to these few) but in the end it seems I either just didn't have video or it somehow is stuck on a camera and I can't get it.  Never the less, a picture speaks 1000 words so other then saying the party had it all, Water, Splashing, Swinging, Arts and Crafts, a Pinata, Best Friends, Great Food, Yummy Cake, Cool Decorations and Toys Galore you can take a look at the pictures and see what an amazing time everyone had!

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Granny said...

Looks like great fun! Pool party!