Saturday, November 2, 2013

Random Dress Pictures Plus

 These are a collection of around the house pictures, many sewing Projects
 Made the Aurora dress for Chloe
 Here is a Yo Gabba Gabba shirt
 But she can also be a Knight in Shinning armor

 Here she is wearing a cape, it is so super cute

 I like this double trouble Merida dress, so does my little trouble maker
 Here is Holly wearing her back pack
 Practicing for when she starts school
Here is Joel and Holly watching the moon

 And some fun art work
 I really like this mermaid dress, I was super proud of it, all 100% mine

 Little bubble bath girl, completely hiding
This is very cute a card granny made and sent
 I love the mischievous look here

 another little mermaid dress this time made from a tshirt we found for 3 dollars

 This is especially special for Holly
 It is a Mermaid tale I made for Holly, I love how it sparkles and shimmers

 This is a fun Superman dress
 Then here are some pictures of Holly giving Daddy his Birthday Cake

 I love her big cheeky smile

 A Sofia the First dress

 This a crown jewel is an amazing Little Mermaid Dress

 Ahh slouching the Dinner of Champions
 Some skating and some shopping
 A little bit of artwork
 and Finally the Spiderman dress I made for Leelou.

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