Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3D

Took Holly to her first full length 3D movie last week, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  She was highly amused by the movie itself and I thought all the Foodimals were super creative and it was very artistic.  There was also a good story.  She was not overly impressed with the 3D, unlike the 10 minute show we saw at Disney World last year where she was literally reaching out in front of her to grab things, this 3D was more depth then outward motion and not super impressive.  That said, she had fun wearing the glasses and the 3D didn't bother her.  Though several times I noticed her lifting up the glasses and laying with them, and the screen is blurry when you do that.  She asked to see Frozen in 3D which I don't think I will do, but I would not be adverse to taking her to a 3D movie again, but maybe one she cares less about, like this one.  So if her eyes do start to bother her she and she misses bits here or there she won't mind.

I have taken her to the movies several times now, but the last few have been with a friend, it was super nice having a Mommy and Me date to the movies, I can;t wait until she is a little older and wants to see some of the movies I want to see too, not that I didn't enjoy this one.  The other night I went to Thor, and she said Mommy he is one of the Avengers, is it a kids movie?  I showed her the preview and she said, I don;t like that, have fun with the other mommies.  She isn't really into live action yet, but that's OK, I don;t mind keeping her my baby a little longer either :-)

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Granny said...

That is so special for both of you, to have "Mommy and Me" time!