Monday, November 18, 2013

Starting Kindergarten

Here is Holly during the first day of Kindergarten,  She is such a big girl!  She is excited to go to school, super happy and only a little bit nervous.  We headed over to school and Holly was assigned to the green group.  Each of the first 3 days of school Holly would be in a different class with a different teacher.  There are 5 new Kindergarten classes starting, so two of the days she would be with 2 teachers so everyone had a chance to meet everybody.  The kids would rotate together but on the first day of school the next week she would be assigned her official teacher and class, so it might be some of the same kids, but a mix of any of the 100 new kids starting.

While we generally don;t get much of a say in this decision making process, I did let Holly's case worker know which teacher's she liked the best and which student's she mentioned playing with.  One of the first three days she had a bad day and didn't really get along with the style of that teacher, so I did mention that was the bottom of the list.  The teacher she initially liked the best made her laugh the entire day, which I think in the long run would have been very disruptive.  Ms. Kai, the teacher she was assigned was actually a wonderful match.  She is nurturing in a reserved way, and very calming, but open to the classroom exuberance.  I think she is a calming and gentle influence on Holly and works well to balance out her hyperactivity.

Of the kids she most bonded with from the green group or any of the kids that she had summer play dates with, none were assigned with her to Ms. Kai's class.  That made me very nervous for starting school the next week.  But she had been a trouper, and was eager to return to school and meet all of her new friends.  Since starting school we have had a few bumps but mostly ups and Holly loves school, her teacher, and her class.

Here is a video from her first day.

First Day in Ms Kai's Class
After gentle beginnings Holly is assigned to Ms. Kai's class.  This is her first day in her new and official class.

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Granny said...

What a big girl! She looks so happy!