Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Sara

This year Sara had her party at Arlington Park and it fell on the weekend that Granny was visiting.  It was actually a cold and windy day for summer, we have had much warmer days this October by comparison, but I think Summer was getting a slow start and despite the freezing Floridians, Holly was happy in her Summer Dress.  Isabel did a great job decorating and Sara had a blast greeting all of her friends as they arrived but it didn't take long for the girls to set off exploring the playground and the nearby woods.  Chloe came as well, but without Eric to help Kathy had her hands full with Dylan, so Joel and Granny took the girls to play.

There was yummy food to snack on and cool party games, the kids especially liked the twirly whirly fliers, except they kept getting caught in the trees and on the roof.  There was also a super fun pinata and a delicious cake, one for kids and fancier yet one for the grown-ups.  Sadly I only got to have a small taste of each.

One fun thing that works well in a more free form party like this is that Sara got to open her presents with her friends, that is one of Holly's favorite parts of at home style parties when your time limit isn't rushed by your local, you have the leasure to open your gifts with friends.  Holly likes to see what her friends got and also likes to watch them open the gift she picked out for them.

It was a super fun party and we were glad to celebrate with Sara.

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