Monday, November 4, 2013

Franklin Graduation - 7 Videos

Here we are getting ready to head to graduation
One of the other classroom moms makes these Tye-Died Shirts
Everyone wore one to match the class together
But I decided to add a rainbow skirt to Holly;s as she wanted to wear a dress
When we arrive we get a great group picture
Doesn't everyone look wonderful in all that color!

Outside is a bridge that everyone will get to walk over as their name is announced

Holly's class is one of the first to arrive

Here she is as she gets to say her own name in the microphone

And then she patiently awaits for the introductions

Teachers and aides and administration is thanked
As a surprise even Mommy as Chair of the SGC gets called up for a bouquet of flowers
Then it is time to preform the first group song
Let me Hear you Sing Hello
Kids shake it up and sing along to the Hello Song

Hello, How are You
Kids Sing the Hello How are you, Ola Song at Franklin Graduation
After the whole school sings the two welcome songs
Individual classes get to go up and do a performance
"Oh, Oh, Oh" Dance and Song
Holly's class preforms there dance routine at Franklin Graduation to the "Oh Oh Oh, Ai Ei Ay Ei Aye" Song
Holly does so well at waiting patiently and watching the other classes preform
Boogie Down!
Holly Boogies Down to one of the other classes songs from the sidelines.
After the shows outside we get to go back to our class for more
Inside they have encore performances.
How Are You?
Back in Class we get an encore performance of How are You
I'm a Little Teapot
Having so much fun preforming they decide to sing another well known song.

I wish I had video's of all the songs
They were so adorable doing there moves and Holly was concentrating so hard
They did another marching and dancing song here

After the second show it was time for the graduation certificates
Those graduating got little caps to wear
And were each called up to get there diplomas
They were so sweet and proud of themselves
Here is Holly and her teacher!  Ms Gladys

Afterwards it was time to eat
Yummy cake and cupcakes
It was also the last day of school
I had several weeks with no plans so was in no rush to leave
We hung out and helped clean up and people trickled out
The kids played and made a big glitter mess with the decorations
It was a super fun day and a happy goodbye
Teacher Gladys's class had been a great place for the past year, and Franklin was home for two years so it will be missed.

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