Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rowan and Tristan have a Carnival

 So we head over to Rowan and Tristan's 4th and 2nd Birthday Party.  It is a super cool Carnival theme with Hotdogs, Popcorn, and games where the kids can win cool prizes.  There is also a fun jumpy house, sand, toys, and chalk art.  Even face painting.  Everything you might want for a good carnival, even great friends like Tyler, Chloe, Sara, Angelina, Caitlin, Dylan, Sophia, and many more to play with.The kids have a blast collecting there prizes and playing the games and hanging out and playing with all of the great toys.  Every time Holly sees one of the boys she thinks it is Rowan, then at the party she saw both of them together, I even took a picture as proof and it totally blew her mind, as she still tries to think they are the same person.  We missed seeing Teagan, but there would have been a lot going on for her, I think she made a jumpy house appearance, but now I forget, sadly its been a while and these pictures are from Late July.  It was a super fun party and we are also so happy to be included!

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