Friday, November 8, 2013

Bayfair Mall for Caitlyn's Birthday Playdate - Video

We met up one morning with Caitlin, Chloe, Dylan, Lilah, and Maya for a Birthday Play date.  This year Pauline decided not to have a big party but the kids did want to get together and play.  Over the Summer, Once a week they have crafts and sing alongs at the Bayfair mall.  So we headed over there to check it out.  The girls knew many of the songs and had fun playing instruments and participating.  Later they did a craft.  But I think the most fun was had later in the afternoon over at the giant Chess set.  It was amazing how such a little thing could easily keep them occupied for hours on end.  Maya and Lila arrived late, after the sing along while we were playing chess.  Then we had a little Birthday Surprise and Sang to Caitlin.  It was super fun and the kids had a blast simply running around.  it was adorable watching the little ones try to copy the older ones and following them about.

Happy Birthday Caitlin
The kids sing to Caitlin During our Bayfair Mall play date.  HAPPY 2ND!

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