Monday, November 11, 2013

Hanging with Mira

 It seems like nowadays we almost never get enough play time with our friends and have to squeeze in every once we can.  Gone are the leisurly days of summer when our schedules were not full of school and other school related activities.  Here are two such fun playdates with Mira.  One day after Gymnastics just to hang out and play for a little longer we headed across the way to the Home Depot Garden Center where the girls smelled and looked at every flower they could find and explored.

The next day I took Mira to see the Smurfs with Holly.  They had a super fun time.  After the movie we had a quick lunch at Fudruckers, Mostly because Mommy needed a turkey Burger, and then had some time playing in the sunshine of the grassy courtyard followed by some reading at the bookstore.  its a super fun way to spend a lazy afternoon, i wish we had time to do it more often,.

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