Friday, November 22, 2013

Big Sister Class

We signed up Holly for the big sister class at Alta Bates, which was really great for her.  The kids learned all about babies, what it might be like when they come home, the crying, and the grabbing and how to hold them, bottle the, wrap them in a blanket and even change the diaper.  Everyone wanted to be such good helpers.  They read some books, watched a video, and got to try out there new skills with their dollies.  Later they got to go upstairs to labor and delivery, pushing their babies in the little infant cart.  They got to see the recovery rooms and even a real baby.  This was super nice and I think very helpful for holly to become more comfortable with the hospital setting and the ne baby.  Although my weekend stay in the hospital was a much bigger trial run, this was also nice for her.  One price if advice we patents heard was that when our kiddos one to visit, remember they miss mommy so we should let them see and visit mommy first and then wait for them to show interest in the baby when thy ask after they get all their cuddle times, instead of thrusting the baby at them immediately.  I was talking to Holly last night about the baby and while she loves the idea if her she Said she is very nervous and scared to meet her and doesn't want her to one yet.  I was trying to explain she will be here around the 13th not Christmas Day, and Holly wasn't too excited about her coming earlier before Christmas.  I told her its ok to be nervous and what a good big sister she will be.  I love her so much and hope she adjusts ok.  She was happy to hear that when it was time for the baby to arrive that she would get to have a sleepover with tanta Kat!

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Granny said...

So great that you are preparing her so well! She will be a wonderful big sister!