Thursday, September 10, 2009

Music Class - First Day

Holly and I signed up to take a music class. Chloe's mom Katherine recommended it. She said Chloe has really enjoyed it. The class is held in Montclare and so far has been so much fun.The class is every Tuesday at 4:00 and right now there are like 20 kids in the class. It will take me a little while to learn every ones names, but there were actually a few mom's I knew from other groups and places.During the first class Holly really needed to explore the entire room before she would settle in. Luckily it was pretty baby safe, cabinets were locked and the shelves had some books, but I was able to push them back.The teacher put out a large drum and a pillow and a bell before the start of class and those kept Holly busy playing and exploring too.One thing I was happy about is that all the babies were not well behaved. I was worried that Holly would be the only little one who did not want to sit in my lap and participate the entire time.But right off the bat, lots of the kids were crawling and walking around the circle while we were singing and clapping. Even William the facilitator's son, he is two.Holly was so excited when Kim took the guitar out. She loved it. She was already familiar with it because Joel had played for her before, so she immediately ran up and tried to strum.Many of the kids did this, so us mommies had to go and rescue Kim so she could keep playing and singing for our song.Holly was really happy to see Chloe in class with her, but also ready to make new friends. Mira and Myla are pictured here. they are around Holly and Chloe's age and very outgoing little girls.Holly was really enjoying herself. I was a little worried with the synchronized singing and movement that it would be all too overwhelming to her.
But she actually did really good. I think having a chance to explore the room in the beginning, and then seeing some familiar faces really helped.It was also nice to have access to my bag, so if Holly did need a break she could sit on my lap and have a snack. She had some puffs and pirate booty.It was also nice to have Katherine there giving Chloe snacks, as they both shared with each other.We played and sang songs on both the guitar and the piano, Holly loved hearing both and really enjoyed them.There was also a song where we all used shakers. The kids had a huge bin full of them and all ran into the center to find them.Shake Shake Shake! A game Holly knows very well. She had a blast shaking to the music.
We also played some finger "puppet" songs and games like Thumbkin and Itsy Bitsy Spider.For another song everyone stood up and we marched and danced in a circle. This was a little more difficult for Holly so I picked her up and carried her around, she liked that.There was a welcome song and a good bye song. Songs we knew and other sings we just learned. Some we all sang too, some we would repeat the words as we learned them.We all had a wonderful time. I would say music class is a success, we will be back every week for 8 more weeks, and i even think we will sign up for session 2.


Anonymous said...

I just cracked up at the photo of Holly trying to play the teacher's guitar! She's so into everything! The class looks great! Love, Granny

CarolineThomas said...

Ooo music class, loads of fun! Sam loves my guitar and it's the first thing he grabs when he comes to my house. What is pirate booty? Sounds interesting. Holly really looks like she was having fun and very into everything. Great video! Holly is the best shaker. You don't get a sense of the noise in just pics or the atmosphere. Hollys face is a picture when the boy next to her takes her shaker, lol. Looks tasty! I look forward to future music class pics :)