Friday, June 7, 2013

Zoo with Maya and Chloe - Video

Here we are at the Zoo meeting friends
She was so super excited when Maya and Chloe arrived
They climbed up on the lion all together having a blast
and pose away like the little diva's are apt to do
Then they were ready for some rides, the airplane and the cars
Here are the three girls driving around and around
Then they jump up onto the Carousel
Holly rode the Zebra, here she is petting her Horsey
Finally we went on the train ride
We decided to let the three girls sit together all on there own
Of course I was right in front of them
and Kathy and Angela were right behind
But they were super excited and felt so grown up
This is the view of Oakland from up in the hills by the zoo
And this is the view down into the Children's area
We went into the quiet zone and saw some Emu's
The girls thought they were really cool
There was also Walleroo's
Which Holly just Called Kangaroo's even those these are much smaller
The girls liked them too and on this day the animals were pretty close to the train
So we could see them really well
Here is the Tiger
And even a little Duckie
He was hanging out with the Giraffe's
and the Antelopes
The girls liked looking at the animals but they also really wanted to play
So they decided to do a dance, Shuffle, Hop, Tap, and Hula
Aren't they super cute!
They can find anywhere to have fun and play
Holly had a copy of the zoo map
She wanted to know where we were on the map and she pointed out where we should go next
We decided on the Lion House, it was way up on the top of the zoo
and area we don't often travel to
Holly convinced the other girls that we should see the lions too
So we went.  Last time we went all the way up there we saw none.
This time we saw them, and they were so beautiful
The view was so wonderful and the lion was so cute
When he rolled over onto his back Holly said it looked just like Chewbacca
We sat and watched for a while in the shade
Then we headed out of the Lion enclosure
The girls insisted on a snack, but the Zoo was closing soon
and we were far from the exit
The girls found a new area to play in and went searching for the Meerkats
They found a little tunnel that brought them right to the center of there enclosure.  They were nervous to go inside
But eventually they did venture forward, and had a blast inside.  It took forever to get them to come back out
But eventually they did come out and it was time to go.. They all hugged goodbye.

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