Sunday, June 23, 2013

Build - your own pizza dinner

Tonight for dinner we went to a placeCalled  Build
Here everyone gets to make custom pizzas 
This is the build department 
You start with a base, tomato, pesto or no sause 
Then you pick the types of cheese and herbs
And finally all the other exciting toppings you may want
Holly was super excited to watch the chefs make our pizza 
Once in the super hot wood fire pizza ovens they only take 3-5 minutes
One topping choice was 100 yr old balsamic only 20$ for a table spoon
This was Joel's Malty Flight Sampler, there was a Chocolate Stout, Oaktown brown ale (his fav) a porter and a red 
Our waiter brought over some Pizza dough for Holly who was thrilled and added cheese and "baked" her pizza
This was Holly's creation, simple but delicious 
If course she added more cheese
Mommy had pesto, two types of Mozzarella, Chicken, basil, oregano, and walnuts - so good!
Joel had red sause, Mozzarella, mixed olives, roasted onions, and prosciutto 
For desert Holly had Strauss Farms chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream
Daddy had an amazing tiramisu, rich with the alcohol but not over bearing also Sooo good
Here we are all finished up
Bye bye Build we will be back again 

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Granny said...

TAKE ME!!! TAKE ME!!!!! That place looks amazing and delicious! And perfect for picky eaters AND foodies both!
Holly looks like she is really enjoying it!