Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ballet Recital - Video

Here is Holly and Mira getting ready for there big Dance Recital
This was there last class with Teacher Christine
We miss her so much!  She was so good with the kids
Everyone followed along and knew all the moves
Their First dance was a Tap Shuffle http://youtu.be/gG12bjzCdyM
Next they did some super Jazzy Moves http://youtu.be/n7ALKNzzNrQ
The girls were so adorable and it was amazing how much they learned
It was now time for their first costume
Ready for the Kitty Cat Dance http://youtu.be/V5HF6EnC-yU
Next the girls dressed up in pretty hot pink skirts
Tap Partner and Twirl - http://youtu.be/1z2IP4RDf2k
Almost like a Yodel song it was super cool
Then it was time for the Ballet portion of the Show
Stretching Routine http://youtu.be/GGoSeDrJZ2I This video is adorable, as the girls go through there stretching routine they tell little story
Toasting, Pop http://youtu.be/pX4HcmPrLeM Some more Ballet Warm ups and poses
A Proper Dance http://youtu.be/iiI2u5XaWjo The girls practice their toe points and cross overs jumps
Then it was time for the first Ballet Costume change
Snowflakes Ice Fairies ready to dance http://youtu.be/AF0h02PHK4I
The groups take turns, First the Ice and then the Fire Fairies
Fire Fairies Dance http://youtu.be/e4UC9WLAaGg
Fire and Ice Together Dance http://youtu.be/jToUzSwQKyY
And then it is time for another Costume Change
This time the girls get to dress up in Purple Gowns
They look just like the princess Rapunzel
I think it is there favorite costume of the day
Rapunzel Dance http://youtu.be/bhhJ2cFOsG0
Rapunzel Dancing Continues http://youtu.be/0BxdaSayWl8
I think they just love how the gown spins and twirls
The show was amazing and everyone had such a great time
Then they gathered together to take a bow
Don't they all look so beautiful
I think this was a great Dance Session
Christine was an amazing teacher
She has moved away to LA and the next session wasn't as good
Here each girls awaits there turn for a stamp
and then as a little parting gift they each get an animal balloon
Holly's was a little doggie but is quickly turned into a snake and then a worm
Afterwards we went with Mira and Family out to a Chinese dinner - Yum

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