Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Movies with Mira

On Sunday Morning we babysat Mira which was a treat!  Here the girls are doing there music show 
On Tuesday we met Mira at public Market for a very quick lunch
Well the mommies ate anyway, yummy teriyaki for me and Pad Thai for Mai
The girls mostly ran around and had a blast playing in the ball pit
They made a new friend and we hoped this would serve as a way to get there wiggles out
As afterwards we walked over to the 5$ Tuesday United Artists theatre and got tickets for Epic
Here are the girls watching intently, we got them some popcorn and an Icee to share
The movie was super cute, MK the main character just moved in with her dad and doesn't believe in the little people he spent his life searching for
But when the Bogs kill the queen on the leaf men and MK happens to be there the queens magic shrinks her down to size and she must protect the baby pod that will become the queen by the full moons light
Otherwise the forest will be distroyed by the bogs!  I think Holly followed most of the story and other then the fact that the seats were bendy and made it hard for the girls to sit up right they were very well behaved
Here the girls take a phito with a picture of the queen and the wise old caterpillar played by Steven Tyler
This is Mary Katherine (MK) the main Character
And here the girls are making mean faces with the evil Bog king
This is the other Hero, I think his name is Nod he is the mess up boy who become responsible when tasked to help MK
In the movie there is a slug and a snail, so the girls insisted they take s picture with this snail but his name is turbo and his movie isn't out yet
Holly is super excited about Monsters University which comes out soon.  Here in a photo booth the girls played for a few last minutes, it was there office/computer/ticket booth, so funny

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