Thursday, June 6, 2013

Messy Art Day - Video

Messy art day has been come an Annual Family event.  We love it
It is sponsored by the El Cerrito Co-Op School and they do such an amazing job
Every year is a little different, though they have our favorite staples
It is also very different each year how Holly interacts with the messy art
Each year she is able to do more stuff and tolerate more
This was a fun little area where you got to sling shot paint rags
Its quite a lot to coordinate, finding and holding the paint rag
Getting it placed into the sling shot, pulling back, aiming and letting go
Then it makes a huge splat, and she loves it
Of course everything and everyone gets splattered with paint!
Here in the back is the percussion house.
Tons of pots and pans and everything from paint brushes to spatulas for drum sticks
You can tap and drum on the outside, and you can paint the house
You can also drum inside the house, but that can be a little loud
The back was a little muddy, dirt floor and water for clean up but mud is part of it all
This is shaving cream paint
another fun and messy activity
and hear is Lucian, digging in the mud.  He joined us for the afternoon
Back at the shaving cream some of the kids used there hands
They covered there bodies head to toe with the stuff
At first Holly didn't want to touch it, but used some type of tool
But unlike past years before long it was in her fingers and all over her belly
She definitely had a lot of fun with the messy part this year
Lucian super likes the digging, this was new from last year
Here is Dave helping him out
Holly still over at the Shaving Cream Table
Messier and Messier
Here is Baby Avery he is liking the messy shaving cream too
He was so super cute, about 16 months now
And Holly reflecting on her messiness
She tried to give me a hug, poor thing I said no way
There was a water area where you could clean up, but I think it just made it worse
We decided to head back to the front
Here Holly is in line waiting to do the paint slide
I was across the way waiting for her in line at the human Spirograph
Right when she got to the head of the line they decided to change out the paper
That was kind of cool because she got to be the first one to paint on the clean paper
Here she is getting ready looking for the perfect paint covered ball
She did such a good job patiently waiting while they taped down the paper and got ready for her
Of course she picked pink paint to start off with
Here is Holly, Ball Painting the Slide
Sh had a blast and came back down to join me for the next event
She actually had a lot of fun watching the other kids
It was a super hot day so she took a break out of the sun
and did another good job waiting.  It was more crowded this year I think
In previous years she was so intrigued with this but wasn't able to work up the courage
I had my fingers crossed that it would be a hit this year
And it was, Holly the Human Spirograph
She wanted to go slower then the other kids and she wasn't keen on the twisting part
But she went back and forth and she did the paint, and she accomplished it.
She got to use three different colors and then wash up her painting, she had a blast and was proud of herself
Here is another building that you can paint on
They had rollers which Holly liked to practice using
there were also brushes and eventually hands
The day was starting to wind down, it had been super fun
In all this mess it was pretty amazing that Holly noticed this little Rolli Poley
It was so cute, she was super gentle and it crawled around on her arm
Its so special how kids notice the smallest things
Its like the smell the roses thing, for a child everything is magical
Afterwards we all went out to lunch at a breakfast place called Jimmy Bean
It was yummy and the kids were wiggly
Then it was time to go.  Holly wanted to strap Lucian in
A big hug good bye and it was a close to a really fun day!

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Granny said...

What a blast! What a great event!