Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ice Skating Parties and Playdates

Here we are skating a few weeks ago
After was a Birthday Party
 Then on another day Holly is convinced for a few minutes to skate with no Buckets
 She is practicing bending at the knees
 And then we have another Birthday Party
 Its fun to hang out with our new friends after skating
 Eating Pizza and Cake and playing with her friends
 On another day, after skating we went over to Olivia's house
 That too was super fun, but we ended up staying late
 and Holly got super tired on the way home.
 Olivia has an amazing view, and here the girls are on the porch saying good bye.

1 comment:

Granny said...

As always, Holly has the best life! That looks really fun. Olivia does have an amazing view!