Monday, June 24, 2013

Easter Party at Chloe's House - Video

The Saturday Before Easter, Kathy, Eric, Chloe, and Dylan Hosted a Pot Luck Easter Party
Everyone brought yummy food
Even pretty dyed eggs to snack on
Here is the Easter Hunt Gear, Ears and Baskets
The Decorations were beautiful
This is Holly's fancy Easter Dress
Here Holly and Tyler watch there friends playing outside
These beautiful cup cakes were created by Mai
Here is Sara with her basket
We decided to gather all the kids out front for a photo
But truly it was like herding Cats, I think Preschoolers are worse
Everyone looks so beautiful in there pretty dresses
and Tyler the honorary boy is quite handsome
So many pictures
All so very cute!
We finally get everyone up on the wall
They make quite the handsome bunch
Here is Holly who can't contain her excitement
and then of course they just have to all be so silly
Don;t you love there hats!
No, of course silly those are buckets on their heads!
So off they go to excitedly hunt for Easter Eggs in the back yard
They did a fabulous job hunting
Here is Mira and Tyler on the prowl
Holly was searching high and low
The eggs were well hidden but in plenty
Even Baby Lila found a few
Inside was mostly stickers and treats
The Bunny was tricky with his hiding
Eggs up high that the Daddies had to help to reach
Hidden and behind and under things
It made for a lot of fun to have to search
In the flowers and the sandbox
Under the bushes
Eggs sprouting like flowers
When the hunt was winding down the girls decided to swing
Always a favorite activity on any occasion
And then finally Holly was hungry and ready to eat
Normally she is so busy she won;t sit for a meal
But we had already had a busy morning
Later all the kids gathered to watch a movie
It was lovely because it allowed the parents to all socialize
And then after it was dress-up time
There were music video's at the end of the show and the girls decided to do a show
They took turns being Mermaids, on the floor with no feet only a tale
or magical fairies
Here is Mira, she decided to be Rapunzel
I took some Video's
Dancing Girls Holly, Chloe, Mira, and Leelou do a performance to a Barbie Mermaid Soundtrack song during the Easter Party at Chloe's House
Tinkerbell Flits Away A short three seconds where Holly leaves the performance
Melting Witch While the girls do a performance, Holly plays the part of the Wicked Witch and she melts after they cast there spells with there magic wands
Missing Audience members As the girls continue with their show, Sara realizes her Daddy isn't there, and runs off to get him.
After all of their performances they decide its time to play with the princesses
They have some Ponies too
Then there is just a few more minutes to play outside
The girls ride on the slide
We had a wonderful day, Chloe throws the best parties!

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Granny said...

How fun! I love the photo of the kids on the wall, and there's Holly with her hands in the air! The food is beautiful! love that piggy cake and the so amazing elegant cupcakes!
Chloe does throw great parties!