Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monsters University

Last minute plan change found Holly and I at Bay Street with Mai and Mira
It was kids eat free Tuesday at Pasta Pommodoro and boy did those girls enjoy there lunch
After lunch we headed over to AMC to see Monsters University 
The girls were super excited to be going to the movies 
And feeling super independent and grown up
I was worried that the movie might be too grown up for her, I didn't know what to expect
Today we didn't even have to get popcorn because they had such a full belly from yummy lunch
I was so proud of the girls for being so well behaved, since the movie was just released we were worried it would be busy so we were a little early
First there were ads then there were several previews and finally the new Pixar  short, the Blue Umbrella
Holly was anxious for the movie to start, but the Blue Umbrella was super cute and sweet
The movie was really good.  Way better then I expected, the beginning when Mike was a little kid was super adorable
I love how inspirational the movie was, Mike was so determined 
The kids liked it a lot, Holly was a little scared a few times but not very much
By the end they were very wiggly and happy to get a chance to run around after the movie
Here they are turning the photo booth into an office where they sell tickets
One of the previews we saw was for Turbo, a snail with the need for speed
The girls each got a chance to ride on his back
Then they turned this video game into a ticket booth, they were so bossy and cute
Afterwards we headed to the bookstore which was super fun.  Holly got the Mike and Sully bobble heads to add to our collection
It was getting late but our rainy day turned into a sunny breeze and so we said ten more minutes to play outside
Here they are playing with the characters
And then Holly gave Mira a present, a matching robot dress.  I made it for them last week
The fabric is robots and the solar system, right up Mira's alley picked out months ago for her.  We had a wonderful afternoon!

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