Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Pictures from 2013

Holly at Home
Her Easter Dress
Eating Pasta for Dinner
Fun knit dress I love
Isn't the cording beautiful
Here we are visiting the Mind Institute
Holly has to get her Blood Pressure Checked
One of the Dresses I made for her
Playing with Jake and Captain Hook
I love the lighting in this photo
and her shirt so sparkly
I also love her hair in these pics
Here she is showing off her new earrings
These are tinker bell's
a gift from Oma
I love her smile too
She is so excited about her present
I wish I could let her wear them all the time
But they are a little big and could get caught
Here she is in the car on a ride home
Playing iPad and wearing Mommy's Panda hat
Here are her Toddler Princess Dolls in new outfits
This was posted on facebook after she cut her bangs
They are like Betty Page Bangs Super short at first
But the look totally grew on me
and after like a month they looked great
Here she is heading to Tanta Kat's for a playdate
She is so excited, she wants to swim but it still cold
Here is some of Holly's Art Work
She is drawing a Castle here
After our trip to Florida we brought Tanta a Minnie Dress
Holly has a New Minnie Mouse Dress too
She was so excited to have matching dress with Tanta
Here I think its around Chinese New years
She is getting ready for her Parade at school
This was a Rad 80's looking day
I love the top she is wearing, in the back there is a translucent strip
This dress she has outgrown
One of her favorites, a Christmas dress now packed away
This was posted on Facebook, Ice Cream with Friends
Drinking "Coffee" with Mommy in the car
Here is the Cat in the Hat Skirt I made her
Another picture from Facebook, a new braid
look, We got a castle for home!
It is still in the living room
It has been fun to decorate it
Here are some cards Holly made
Granny playing the Base
This one is Chewbacca
Here is Holly and Joel in the car
Bringing home her Birthday Princess Balloon
At the park with Mira
A sleepover with Tanta
She also got to open her Birthday present
a cool CD Player she uses to listen to stories on
Cleaning out the cabinets we found the cool face plate
Her food is the decorations
This was a photo her teacher sent me from Dr. Seuss Day
another class picture photo
I think this is the reading bear
Here she is eating lunch outside at school
This was on facebook, I loved it.  Bobby Pin Curls
I thought her hair was so adorable

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Granny said...

Those are great! Fun seeing random photos!