Thursday, June 20, 2013

Holly's Classmate Sofia Has a Birthday Party

Here we are at Dreamland Playground in Aquatic Park
Holly is hanging out with Daddy pretending to do the crossing bars
We are at the Park to Celebrate the Birthday of Sophia one of Holly's Classmates
Here she is eating Pizza with Aidan and the Birthday Girl
It was such a beautiful day for an outside party
and by the water just breezy enough to not be hot
Here is Holly and Alley Rose on the tire swing
Its so fun when Daddy comes to the park with us
He was running around chasing and playing with all the kids
Here he was a monster getting there feet
And now it is time for some Birthday Cake
Everyone is super excited
Holly loved the idea of seeing her friends outside of school
Not everyone came but several friends from school were there
The Birthday Girl was turning four
Here is Holly with Lucas one of her close school friends
A giant piece of Cake
Funny since she does little else but lick the frosting
and then hands the piece over to Mommy and Daddy
Here is Holly and Daddy going for a walk
Here the kids all have there goody bags
There is this really cool toy
With this disk that you flick but the kids keep loosing them under the structures
Here Holly is sharing the toys with her friends
Everyone taking turns
its fun when they get to play together with new toys
I think everyone also got bubbles
It was a fun day
Holly was sad to go at the end of the party
Here she is on Daddy's Shoulders
They took another walk
Headed over to the water
and looked around for a while
Joel needed a new profile picture
So here they are posing
It was a super beautiful day
We always have fun when Daddy is hanging out with us
And Daddy loves to be outside.

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Granny said...

Nice photos! It must be a rare weekend with no birthday party!