Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Science Playdate

Last month my friend Alex and her daughter Araliya hosted a Science Themed Play date. Alex is a school teacher, she is very creative, and we had a blast! It was on the weekend so Joel was able to join us. He had a great time.When we first arrived Holly remembered Liya's house and went strait into the playroom. The older girls were already set up at the table and exploring each Science Station.Here our our hosts, Chloe and Holly were the youngest, Araliya is just about 27 months at the time of this picture. She is very bright and advance for her age, the other girls were all around 3.5-4.It took a little while but eventually Chloe and Holly came to the table and were eager to explore the stations. The first we checked out was one for the five senses where you can touch different textures, smell different scents, Vanilla, Cinnamon.Another station was about light and color, there were clear plastic disks in different colors and you could look through them and shine a flash light through them, seeing the different colors, and how if you overlap yellow and blue you make green.One of the stations was called Sink and Swim but I didn't allow Holly to play with that one as I knew she would simply want to splash all of the water. the other girls dropped in several objects first guessing which would sink to the bottom, or float o top.But without a doubt her favorite station was Magnets. There were balls that should could link together, and disks that would stack on a ring, turned one way they would stick, the other repel and pop, and then there was this shaving container, she could use the other magnets to move the shavings around. She loved them all, and they held her attention. We had a blast, Daddy had so much fun helping, and we can;t wait until the next play date, it was supposed to be this weekend, math (shapes and numbers) but was postponed, we look forward to when Alex will host us again.

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I used to always let the kids smell the spices when I cooked. They loved that!
Love, Granny