Saturday, March 13, 2010

Old Friends at Chloe's House

These are pictures from our first post Christmas play date over at Chloe's house. It was fun looking through these, as our Friends Gabriel and Joshua were present, and we haven't seen them since.Sadly, Gabriel moved with his family to Australia, where his mom is from. We do stay in touch on Facebook though! Joshua is a bit older then the girls, so we don't see him often.Holly was really excited to see all of her friends again, it had been too long, and we had a lot of fun seeing everyone.Here she is with rosy cheeks, playing with Chloe's Wiggly Spiky ball. its funny now, our play dates with Chloe, as holly is so comfortable there.Here is Sachi, it was fun to see her on a Monday afternoon. Both of her parent's work so we don't get to see her very often, it is always fun when we get to play with her.So the battle of the day, every day, is one of the girls trying to slide down the slide, while the other is trying to climb up, and then inevitably the third one will sit at the bottom!"I win, I win" no not really, eventually they all climb up, and they all slide down. its when they are all on top squeezing past each other that I get worried, and jump up and stand by the "edge"Here are Gabriel and his mom Khan, We miss you guys so much! I hope you are settling in, and i bet Gabriel is getting so big. He is such a Character, Shy when there are a lot of kids, but when its down to the last 2-3 he comes out of his shell.Here is Holly stopping by to visit with Mommy. She does that every now and again, climbs onto my lap for a kiss or a hug, she is so sweet, and then she pitter patters off to play some more.Today we are sitting at home having a relaxing Saturday afternoon. i took holly for a walk in the stroller and then to the park which she really liked.It's a lot of fun having a slide in your living room, and holly does have that little slide in the back yard, but what she loves the most is the swings, so we go to the park for those.Sarah is such a happy girl, I feel like her personality is really exploding, and she is so exuberant. She has a big personality and makes everyone around her smile and happy.Now here is Joshua, he is also another shy sweetie, but as he is getting older I am seeing him come out of his shell more and more, I can't believe he is rearranging the furniture!Not sure what the girls are playing with here, but it looks like both Sarah and Holly are trying to open whatever those little poke-a-dotted container's are.Then there are the "hat's" The kids look so cute in these, of all the toys in the playroom it is amazing how much use these free red buckets get. The girls like to dress up the mommies in them too.Here is looks like Holly is up to something, she has that "uh oh" look on her face. There isn't much for her to get into, but somehow the three musketeers always find a way to make trouble.On one play date recently they took every book out of the book shelf and used it as a ladder to climb up to the books on the Mantel, the two of them, Holly and Chloe were standing on the top rung.It nearly took my breath away and of course they just giggle, like "what?" I didn't do it! They are little monkeys climbing on everything that has a foot hold.Today Daddy was sick and he decided to take a nap in the early afternoon. Everyone slept in today and Holly wasn't ready for her nap.So I decided to take her on a walk. I am supposed to do 30 minutes of aerobic workout two of the four days I don't go to my exercise program. I learned recently that it doesn't have to be consecutive.So I figured if I walked to the park, 15 minutes there and then 15 minutes home, 30 at the park it would be a good way to spend an hour till she was ready to nap. Well it is really hard to walk for 15 minutes.Our park is maybe 6-7 minutes away, so I had to loop around an extra few blocks and then make another turn out of the way to get there, but it still only took me 13. When we got there holly wanted to swing strait away.But the part I wanted to tell you about was Holly climbing up the side of the play structure, it was like red monkey bars curved, and I turned and saw her standing up on the second bar, looking over smiling at me. Yikes! I ran over to help her the rest of the way up and she was on the slide platform in a moment.She did it like 5 more times of course! Little monkey. I took the super long long way home, and it still only took me 15 minutes, I was two short of my 30. Anyway! At least i did my walk, and had fun at the park. And back to the photos, we had a wonderful play date at Chloe's as always!

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Anonymous said...

They are so cute in the "hats", CAtherine too! THey really ARE the three muscateers!
love, Granny