Friday, March 19, 2010

Around the House

To make up for the lack of pictures in the last post, this one is chuck full of them, from around the house.These are some really cool lights we got for Christmas, They charge on a base, and then can be set up around the house and change colors.Holly really likes to play with them, but we haven't found a good place to keep the base yet. They make good night lights.Here we are outside in the back yard, Joel found this little play structure at a garage sale in the neighborhood.She climbs up and then slides down. At first I didn't think she would be able to climb up the back, but she pulls her self up quite easily.I love the little faces she is always making, she bites her lip, and looks like a little duck, so very cute.These are her penguin pajamas, they are really comfy and I usually let her play in her PJs until we are ready to go out for the day.In this case, it is evening and after dinner we slipped them on, can;t you tell how tired she looks? It's almost bedtime.And into the tube she goes. We take this out for her PT, Crawling is actually very good therapy for her, it helps her back muscles.We added this to her Picture book so she can ask us to open it up whenever she wants to play with it. Sometimes she will throw all of the balls from her ball pit to the ground.Then she will wander around the house picking them up and rolling them one by one into the tube.I love this picture of Holly, the pictures come out so pretty with my new camera, and I love that she is chewing on her shirt, its adorable.This is the next morning, it's the weekend so we all slept in and then Joela did some chores. Of course the little one was up early and wanting to help.We purchased a chain with clips to hang Holly's stuffed animals on. But to hold the weight, initially Joel wanted to get into the Attack to attach it.I on the other hand did not feel it necessary. And in the end, it was too hard to get too and he came up with another strategy.Silly daddy, climbed into Holly's Yellow Tube She thought this was hilarious until the big worm tried to pick her up, then she just reached for Mommy!I took all of these pictures originally for a project Jackie (granny) was doing with friend. She was going to make us a picture book, and Holly can use it to make requests.So we took pictures of many of the typically things she does around the house like read books, play with puzzles, etc.She has used it quite a bit already, the most two popular pages are that of her in the high chair to signify eating, and then one of Chloe, Holly, and Sarah on the slide.This High Chair picture in fact, or one of the like 8 I picked on the particular day I was emailing them. This group of photos had a lot of pretty ones.I have gotten her to eat turkey twice now this week, and one of her new favorite foods is Mac and Cheese, so she is eating a little more big girl food.This is her bed. We had a play structure tent we set up around it to make it more enclosed a cosy. She doesn't sleep in there yet, but it makes for a really fun hide out.Here Holly is playing with Mommy's phone yet again. For her birthday she got an iTouch, which she is super good with and she has learned that the one in the green case is hers.I still keep it on my in my pocket and ask her to give it back to me when she is finished, I don't want to get it lost in the pile of toys, so I keep track.Here little miss is stalling. She is playing dress up and wearing Daddy's glasses, I think she looks cute with them on, and its so great she likes dress-up now.Here she is all snuggled up and ready for bed, but it is all a deception, she isn't really ready to sleep, do you not remember the picture from early of her jumping with the tube?So here she is, starting her nightly resistance routine. She wants to bring the bottle with her, but she is only allowed to drink it when tucked in with me or Daddy.Mommy is starting to get tired but I want to finish writing this post so I will apologize in advance for her incoherence.I love the little faces she makes I think her nightly Gymnastics on the bed is what prompted me to take her to a trail gymnastic class.A few nights ago she did her very first official "Front-Flip" sommer salt. She used to sort of flop to the slide after jumping her feet up from the position she is in.Well a few nights ago, she was able to clear it and she went strait over, cool as a cucumber. and there it was, a Front Flip.Here is a picture of Kat's turtle, Holly really likes mack and will stand by his tank watching him swimming and climbing.This is her view through the glass, I think she also sort of likes that she can also see her own reflection when she looks at the glass.Here are some cool Apple Muffins that Joel made for a Bake Sale at work to raise money for Haiti. Don;t they look delicious.He also made these Chocolate yogurt Muffins, as the Apple ones made a lot less then he thought they would.Here is another wild animal in the house that I had to take a cool picture of, you have to look very carefully on the ledge to see it.Its a month, and it is trying to blend into the color of the wood. Isn't that the neatest picture ever?Here is a very tired Tanta Kat waiting for little miss Holly to come and tackle her. Step one was to simply get rid of the crib, then a few days later we brought up the tent.Here Holly has decided to bring the piano into her room and play with it on her table, which was so cute. I love when she plays on the table, she is very focused.Holly isn;t sleeping in her bed yet, but I think thats more of our fault, We like her with us, and will miss her when she is gone, we are enjoying the baby years before she grows up too much.This is Holly's bouncy Ball. She has learned how to use it not only as a seat, but to bounce herself when she needs more proprioceptive input, it is amazing, and apparently very comfortable.

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What a great post! Iloved all the Holly activity. Holly using power tools and up on a ladder did make me nervous! Holly is so cute in the yellow tube photo. I think I'll make one to frame on the wall! Joel is cute in the tube too but...
Love Granny