Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Holly Video's

I was recently going through my files and came across some Holly Video's that I haven't posted yet. Some are recent, some are a little older. Since they are random, and I am lazy, or better defined as tired and it is late, you will get a neat title, a short description and a link, you will have to watch them to get the fun!


This one is so cute, one of the many creative games Holly makes up!

Tampa Slides:

So this is actually the slide in Brandon near my parent's house. Holly made up a fun game with Daddy.

Ice Cream Bowl:

This is How we do the dishes at our house ;-P

Sneaking Presents:

Video from our Christmas visit to Florida, opening presents for Holly's birthday compaired to Christmas is like crawling to walking, its amazing.

Brandon Mall Slide:

This is a video from the play area at the Brandon Mall.

Ne Ne:

OK, you just get the title on this one!

Yummy Corn:

I need to make corn more, Mommy loves it, and apparently Holly likes it too.

Static Cling:

Ahh... My cuties hair

Swinging at Opa's;


New Toy Box:

Seriously, Boxes and Hamper's why do I spend money on Toys??

And there you have it, a collection of random Holly video's.. I will try and get around to linking them back to the recent posts that some of they match.

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