Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lowery Park Zoo

While we were in Florida we had the opportunity to go to Lowery Park Zoo. It was for Zoo Lights, so except for this little owl and the Penguins, we didn't see many animals.We wanted to attend Zoo Lights in Oakland before leaving for Florida but didn't have the time to schedule it, and it was really cold and rainy in California at the time.So we were excited to get to go to a similar event at another zoo in Florida. I was a brisk evening, and a beautiful event. Though there were a lot of activities Holly was still to little to participate in.The Carousel was not one of them. She is becoming quiet adept at riding on it, and I love this beautiful sea dragon she is riding, this is one of my favorite pictures.She has learned to hold on tight all by herself, though we still stay there to spot her just in case. She is even getting better at patiently waiting for the ride to start.Yesterday we were at Public Market and I let her ride the mini carousel near the ball pit on her own. I stood on one side, the dad of the two little boys she rode with on the other.And we both spotted all three kids as the rode past one by one, around and around in a circle. She held on tight and smiled and had a great time.She still lets go to try and tell me something, like to sign something, which is not a good thing. I would tell her, Holly hold on and she would, but I am not sure she understands she could fall and hurt herself.When she rides a "rocking" horse she can let go without falling, and I don't know that she has made a significant distinction between riding the carousel and the rocking horse yet.I love this little duck face she is making, so very cute! She is such a goofy little girl.Here are some of the lights, all around the park/zoo were neat little statues of lights, Holly was very intrigued by them all and loved ruining around and going up to and pointing at all of them.This is Holly's first visit to the penguins, she called them ducks, and had a lot of fun watching them. There was one you could pet, but the line to do so was really long, and he didn't look so happy about being there, so we passed.I really liked this display of all blue lights and a winter wonderland setting of all white characters and landscapes. it was very magical looking.And then there was Santa. The Santa was great because you didn't even have to buy a photo, though you could, you just had to wait in a semi short line and then when it was your turn you could take as many of your own pictures you wants with as many cameras.We took several poses and configurations with pictures of three different camera's but Holly wasn't wanting to sit on any ones lap, and was not excited about Santa, so the pictures were not "Great"After the Zoo we had dinner at Perkins, and before we got our food, Santa and Misses Claus came in to have there dinner as well, we were quite amused by this. I almost asked if we could try another photo, but decided to pass and let them enjoy there meal.Here we are at the zoo taking a break and having a snack, an outing with Holly forces you to take your time and eat often, I need to do a better job of having snacks for myself available when I am feeding her.After wards the grown ups decided to take a Sky ride to view all of the Christmas Lights. Here is a short video from the ride. Christmas Lights Video:

The ride was 18 minutes long and we went across to the other side of the zoo, where we were not walking at all, the lights were amazing. Christmas Lights Video 2:

Here is the Foam Pit, one of the activities I thought would be fun for Holly to do, but we decided it was too wet, cold, and slippery for her. My Dad has done foam before and said they didn't have there mixtures right and it shouldn't be so wet.While we were all on the Sky Ride, Joel took Holly back to visit the Penguin's some more. She really liked them. Penguin Video:

Here are Tanta Kat and Great Grandma Bertha taking a self portrait on the sky ride. The two of them sat together. Bertha really enjoyed coming to the zoo with us.While on the Sky Ride, amazingly, my sister was able to get a picture of my parent's as they passed each other making the turn back from the half way mark.I rode by myself which I didn't mind, it was nice to relax and enjoy the view and contemplate and meditate and watching the lights and colors below.Before leaving we hopped on the Carousel one last time, I mean it was free so why not take advantage of that, here is a little Video:

Holly is making that face again! I am not sure what it means, or what she is trying to do when that face appears, but I love when i get to capture it on camera. And that, was our visit to Lowery park Zoo.

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