Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Second Day at Gilroy Gardens

Pictures from Day two of Gilroy Gardens
We started off with a fun Carousel ride
and a walk around a small waterfall
A family picture
and then off for some more rides
Driving around the car track
Isn't this a really cool natural archway
Holly got to be the driver which she enjoyed
This was a neat tunnel we went through
There was a 1950's theme
It is really beautiful out there
Trees and water, rivers
It was like driving through 50's suburbia
The car we drove was in the same style
when we went around the track we could see around curves and in the distance
Chloe and her family, she got to be the driver too
All the sets were neat and Holly liked to point out all the fun stuff she saw
This was a little area where a motorcycle officer came out of the barn.
It of course scared Holly out of her wits when she heard the siren.
Here is Kathy with Baby Dylan
and Chloe with Eric.
Here are some beautiful flowers
Later on the girls decided they wanted to go on the Swan ride in the lake
Here we are awaiting our turn
Holly wanted the Yellow Duckie instead of the White Swan

The ride ended up being way more fun for the girls then the daddies.
Because of the weight difference the boat leaned to one side
Since the girls were too small to reach there feet and pedal, for a while Joel and Holly went around in circles
By the end of it, Joel was hot and tired
But Holly sure had a super fun time.
Chloe and Eric rode the swan and also had a blast
While the kids were on the Duckies we rode the Artichoke ride with Baby Dylan
I saw this cool sculpture while waiting
Dylan liked this ride specifically because he could see the water and the swans
And here is Holly and Daddy Survived and back on land
It was hotter on the second day
and the girls were tired and wanted to ride on Daddies Shoulders
This is an awesome tree if I recall correctly it is six different ones all woven together.

Here the girls are on another spinning ride

Around and around they go
Later we found a rock maze, lost Joel tried to climb up to find our way out.

It led to a waterfall

It was a nice area to play in
But ultimately it was really loud and though she wanted to be near the water
It was all a bit overwhelming
Chloe on the other hand got all wet from splashes
This is the view from a sky rail
It went through a butterfly garden
You could ride above or walk the paths below
We did both, there were lots of neat plants

Here Holly is checking out the map while we decide what to do for lunch

This is the entrance to the Holly Garden, Holly loved seeing her name up in print
We explored and I never realized how many types of Holly trees and bushes there were

It was a great day.  We had so much fun.  Below are a few more pictures from my phone that I took throughout the day.

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