Saturday, February 23, 2013

Carousel @ Tilden - Video

More about our day below, but first some info on the video.

Sorta crazy weird, interesting video.  This is from the Carousel as we go around and around, filming all of the cool tree's and decorations.  Be warned, may make you dizzy.
Here we are at our Annual Swim and Gym Get together over the Holiday;s at the Tilden Carousel.  This place is so beautiful at Christmas Time, the decorations and the lights are lovely, and it is so neat to see all of the Christmas tree's decorated with unique themes, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, 1950's Robots, its super fun.  There is a Santa there but that past year Holly has been to anxious to meet with any of the Santa's we saw, even when here friends did it and were Brave.  But that's ok.  We wrote him a letter.  She loved riding around and around with her friends, especially the spinning seat, it was double twirling action, made me dizzy just to watch that.  I had a kick using the Panoramic mode on my New iPhone 5, it was just too fun.  If you click on the images, you should be able to check out some larger versions.

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