Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jordon Park

 It's the start of a new year and we signed Holly and Mira up for the more advanced Ballet and Tap class.  This one is at 5:00 which is a bit later then the one before.  So our new weekly ritual it getting together at the park to play before hand.  it saves me from driving through traffic at 4:30.  It also lets the girls get all there wiggles out and have a weekly reunion before class starts, so when we hop over to Ballet they are played out and ready to listen to the teacher and learn.  The park is around the corner from ballet and Mira's house.  it is pretty cool, fenced in, seating, both sun and shade, swings.  Us mommies mostly get to socialize and they have a huge area to run and play in.  It's been a long time since I posted my park rating scale, because it's been a long time since I have been to a new park, but here goes.
Slides - 1 - Yes there is the big swirly one and in the little park a small double one.

Swings - 1 - Yes, mostly the girls swing themselves on there bellies, but sometimes Mommy gets roped into pushing them.

Surface - 1 - There is a large grassy field, some concrete where the seats are and the main playground is sand, which is nice because often the game is related to digging.

Shade - 1 - There are some trees that provide shade, maybe it is the time of day we usually go, but it is always shady when we are there.

Climbing - 1/2 - There are a few small climbing sections on the main play structure, but in general they are really just different types of ladders, there is not a lot of other creative climbing structures.

Parking - 1 - There is plenty of street parking around the park or across the street.

Bathrooms - 0 - There are no bathrooms.  In the field/wooded area once I set up the portable potty for Holly to pee behind a tree when we were desperate, I was lucky to have it in the car, but in general we now are careful to go before we leave for the park.

Distance - 1/2 - So it is not close to my house, about a 15 minute drive, however it is a few blocks from Mira's house and our Dance Class, so for that reason it is super convenient when we do go.

Friends - 1 - Well besides the fact that we always go with Mira, every time we go we usually get there a little earlier and there are a ton of kids around and several times other kids have asked Holly to join in there play, when Mira arrived Holly introduced her to her new friends.  it is also a park that I heard Eli frequents and other friends from Mira's school.  So there are always people to play with.

Fun - 1-This park is a lot of fun for several reasons.  The sand, the play structure, and mini park, but also a basketball court where there are left ride on toys that Holly has loved playing with a a giant field that the kids often run around in.  There is a left play Kitchen and tons of buckets and shovels and other random toys to play with also that makes it all a lot of fun.

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Granny said...

Nice to see the Park Review again! Cute photo of Holly!