Friday, March 1, 2013

Christmas Morning

 These are a few pictures from Christmas Morning.  The lighting is off and they are super blurry, but it was so much fun watching Holly open presents that I kept forgetting to take pictures.  So I wanted to still share the few that I got.  We ended up spending about 3 hours in the process, opening each items slowly, taking it out of the packaging and letting her play with it before moving on to the next item.  We ended up doing face time with each family multiple times which was fun, even though we would loose connections. We took a break for an extended lunch and then Tanta Kat came over and we opened even more presents, it was a great day.

Every year Holly gets Christmas a little more, she is so excited.  This year she understood presents came from both Santa and other people, and she wanted to know who each item was from and then would say thank you thank you and be for appreciative, and say how she loved it so much and it was just what she wanted.  So cute.  I just love her so much!

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